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“My pieces have a relationship with the space they’re in;
they change it and define it. They don’t stay hidden in the background.
They require – and they offer – a high visual standard.”

Arne Leucht’s furniture pieces allow functionality and beauty to coexist.
With his concept of ‘usable beauty’, this designers pieces are relieved of the separation between practicality pure works of art.

The pieces explore interior and exterior, stillness and movement. They play with space of the room, with light and shadow, mirroring and reflection, and define it and ones own perception anew.

The designer and qualified cabinet maker breaks with traditional conventions and habits of visual perception in his designs. Arne Leucht is engaged within a space which examines and deconstructs materials, visual axes and makes them to something new and custom.




  • Eunique Award Karlsruhe
  • Nominated for the Hessian State Prize
  • Exibition and Award „Form“ Tendence Frankfurt


  • German Design Award
  • Participation in and Exhibition at the Nethersaxon State Prize
  • People’s Choice Award “The Arts and Crafts Days” in Worpswede

2015   Interior Innovation Award Selection
2014   Jury Prize “The Arts and Crafts Days” in Worpswede
2008   Cabinet Maker’s Apprecticeship (Bremen Chamber of Trades)
2006   Founded company Holz Hand Werk Leucht
2004   Kelvin White Cabinet Making (England)
2003   Training to become a cabinet making journeyman