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„Spatial proportions develop through a temporal process. We see this easily when we attempt to appreciate a spatial construct and watch our own imaginations in the process. By the same token, a temporal process first develops through space. This is particularly the case with inverted geometry.“ …(Alexander Heinz, Herdecke Inversion: Geometry in Movement)

The shape proves to be harmonically inspiring. The lamp appears in different ways, depending upon the angle of view: the piece with its pillar-shape is constantly reinvented according to the viewpoint in time and space taken by the observer in the room. When one circumambulates the lamp, it is revealed that the individual pieces wind upward together like links on a chain.
The fixture changes according to daylight from a tender rosé to an orange red.
Januar 2018

Optionally in Spruce, Oake or Acrylic.


OCTA Stelae: Spruce, Oak
OCTA Stelae: Mix Spruch, Oak and Acrylic
OCTA Stelae: (Future) Oak and Acrylic
Incl. Stool in Concrete-Look
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